Monday, October 12, 2009

trying to be liberal

life's sucks!!!
life's unfair!!!
nape kte nak mrungut jer keje without realizing dat who created life???
if we just keep complaining n rase kte je btol mmg x blh idop dlm komuniti le...
kte idop mencari keredhaan allah n manusia...
next year plak ade spm..
b4 ape2 blaku better we clear things out, right?
mgkn x sme phm n ade yg akn kate selfish ble ade mslh, nk smbunyi..
no one to be blame coz thp pemahaman msg2 berbeza...
bkn nk pilih bulu k ape bt cume utk merasionalkn sme org spy kte berfikir sejenak...

nape diorg condemn???
x kn la sb jeles je kot???
a part of the reason is jealousy bt we cannot deny dat
mgkn kate2 org disekeliling ade benar nye jugak..
we just need to look at the bright side...
spy kte dpt berubah ke arah yg lebih +ve....
we don't need to bubarkn pp...
all we need is space,
n time to figure out wut went wrong???
cube kte try 2 understand others dlu..
memahami emosi setiap manusia itu sesuatu yg amat sukar
bt nothing is impossible, huh??
if we fail to understand n hear to each other then, pp is just a name...
like my favourite author once wrote
"there's something more complicated than undentified E=mc.. emotion falls on that something.."

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