Tuesday, March 15, 2011


STOP HOPING at others,
it will be a burden to that person & to you too,,,
we never know what might happen,
homosapiens are unpredictable,,
and the weather is not always clear,,
if you hope,
it might turn out not as you expected & hope for,,
you might end up frustrated at the end of the day,,,

indeed it is a tiring routine ,,
it consumes a lot of energy, time & involves emotional fluctuations,,
you might get hurt along the make-believe process,,
when you at the edge & you start to crackdown,,
you will tend to comfort yourself by creating an illusion that hope of yours to become true,,
desperately waiting for that fantasy to turn out to be a reality,,

also will become a liability to that  person that we hoped for,,
he/she might got something else to look forward to,
this will put them in a situation between the deep & the devil,,
puzzle,, dilemma,,
it will cause them to depress & in a deep pressure,,
either to please us & sacrificing their own means,,
or to adamantly do what ever they wanted to do & leave us with our open scars,,
& of course, most of them chose the different path that we hoped 4,,
causing us to suffer & devastated,,,
but that doesnt mean that they dont care,,
it just a natural phenomenon,,,

Im not only focusing HOPE in friendship and loveship(NID), but also familyship(NID), workship(NID) n all the  ships that  exist in this world,,,
HOPE will shorten your life but HOPE also gives you the reason to survive,,,
But remember always that you can always hope on GOD,,
  because GOD never upsets you like human did...
*NID= not in dictionary

p.s / pardon my bad English,, it had been a long time since i left school..
HOPE is composed by me, truly by heart & the very first the what-so-called poem of mine..

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