Tuesday, April 26, 2011



yesterday i saw you,,
in a crowded place,
in the swamp of people,
you looked lethargic but still energetic,
a glimpse of your delightful face,
made my day brighter than the Sun,
you smiled sweetly,
but i know ,,
it was not for me,
it belonged to the girl besides you,,
my eyes on you,
but your eyes on her..

without uttering a word,
without turning at me,
you walked pass me by,
as if i was invisible,,
to you, i was just another person,,
but for me, you were so significant..
you were just like the wind,,
so soft but yet so cold..
i could feel your presence,
but when i opened my eyes,
you were not there..

you were too near,
too near until i could smell your scent,
if only, and only if,,
I could freeze the time,,
I would not miss it for the world..
yet you were too far,,
even further than scintillate zenith.. 
so,, i guess it's time for me to face the truth,
that i'll never be with you..

the very 3rd poem. written in early march.

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