Thursday, April 28, 2011


did it ever come across your mind that
just slightly maybe,,
you and her arent supposed to meet each other ?

both of you came from different dimensions,
nothing much in common,
she's the opposite of you,
and you are the opposite of her,
and we know
when the two worlds collide,
it isnt right,,

the romantics often say ' opposite attracts '
just like North Pole and South Pole,
but do they even know the fact,
love alone left a hole ?

and day by day
it’s getting larger and larger ?
if you cant even bear the fret and pain together ?
why live forever ?
if you know you will make her suffer ?
just move on
and leave her,,

leave her,
before it hurts her badly,
leave her,
before it becomes serious injury,   

she’s better off without you
lead a different path without agony,

dont you ever worry,
eventhough things would be slightly iffy,
my love for you is eternally,
and you will always be my hero,
and i'll keep it that way,,

i promise.

if it’s for the best,
than nothing much i would ask.

4th poem. early April 2011.

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